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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sepecial Update

January 14, 2014 
On Monday, January 13th, the TSA released its finalized US based repair station security rule. Significantly, because of the release, the moratorium placed by Congress on new certification of facilities has now been lifted. Lobbyists for the MRO industry including ARSA are now pushing for the FAA to quickly certify new facilities. 
As reported previously in the TAMC newsletter and the Mechanics Dispatch the Airline Division is strongly opposed to lifting the moratorium, especially in regards to foreign repair stations. The reason is clear; two previous and the most current DOT IG reports have shown that the FAA “Does not have an Effective Oversight process for Foreign and Domestic Repair Stations.” This is troubling given that there are currently 4700 domestic and 750 foreign repair stations. The TAMC has been on the Hill lobbying for some time that the moratoriums remain in place until the FAA has the ability to do what it was designed to do.
On Monday, the day the new rule was released a letter was sent to Administrator Huerta outlining our objections to any new certifications. That letter is attached for your review. In our view it is inconceivable that the government would further risk the lives of the flying public by burdening a system that historically has not been able to police itself. For ten years the Inspector General has been ringing the alarm bells about this oversight issue and that warning should not be ignored.  
What can you do about this? Get the word out, share this on social media, share this with your friends and family and finally ask everyone to write or call their members of Congress. We do not need more regulation in this industry paid for by the blood of the flying public.