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Saturday, January 26, 2013

MX Dispatch 1-25-13

Negotiation Update
 The third consecutive week of meetings between the parties began on Monday January 21, 2013 with an internal union caucus. The purpose of the caucus was to discuss the activity of the previous two weeks and to assess the progress made to date. In addition, the negotiating committee discussed the recommendation of the seniority integration committee (SIC) and how that committee’s findings would impact bargaining moving forward. Once consensus was reached on how to proceed with the findings of the SIC the committee, the negotiating committee moved to preparation for this week’s session.

The parties worked on the following articles over the course of the week with the assistance of the NMB; Seniority, RIF and Recall, Field Trips, Overtime and Training. An Agreement in Principal on Phase 1 items was reached on Training and significant progress was made on the other articles. The parties were assisted this week by mediator Andy Nordgren. While not as many articles were agreed upon this week, a review of the progress shows that the parties have concluded Phase 1 discussions on approximately one half of the full agreement.

In attendance for the Union were rank and file negotiators Allen Cosides, Steve Olsen, Vinny Graziano, Jay Koreny-(Local 210), Anthony Ybarra, Joseph Prisco, John Pangelinan-(Local 986), Mike Moats-(Local 964), Mike Pecoraro-(Local 781), Paul Becerra-(Local 769), John Laurin-(Local 856) Mike Nerren, Jack Harran-(Local 19) and Mitch Hunt (Local 455). Business Agents Angel Cantu, Dave Saucedo, Ralph Salzano, Justin Muraki, Dave Elmore, and George Graham were also in attendance, with the Airline Division represented by Clacy Griswold, Paul Alves, Bob Fisher and attorney Ed Gleason.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Negotiations Update 1-18-2013

The following update was sent out on Friday. Look for all future updates to be both posted on the Airline Division site as well as through email via the Mechanics Dispatch.

The parties met for a second consecutive week of bargaining this week in Chicago. We tackled some of the more substantive phase 1 portions of the agreements. The articles discussed were Article 3 - Covered Crafts, Classifications, and Bid Areas; Article 4 - Seniority; Article 13 - Training; Article 7 - Hours of Service; Article 17 - Overtime; and Article 18 - Union Security and Representation.
Agreements in principle on non-economic issues were reached on Articles 7 and 17, and progress was made on the other four subjects. Also present at the start of this week’s session was Peter Hardcastle, a Cheiron actuary hired by the IBT to assist in these negotiations. Mr. Hardcastle was on hand for continued preliminary discussions on pension and other benefit-related matters.

Discussions will continue with the remaining articles when bargaining reconvenes on Monday for the third consecutive week. Originally this third week was going to be done without the aid of the mediators, however, considering our progress and at the parties’ request, a schedule change was managed and the NMB will be present during next week as well.

We will keep you updated as progress continues.

Seniority Integration Committee

The Seniority Integration Committee was called together to finalize the draft of suggestions for the Negotiating Committee. As we have made faster-than-expected progress, the Committee was called together to vote on and discuss any final remaining issues on the draft that has been building over the last few months. This draft will be a template to be used by the Negotiating Committee in resolving the many differences on the subject of seniority within the three groups. Discussions with the company on the seniority article began immediately after receiving the final draft.

One of the long anticipated information items, the combined Teamster Roster, was delivered from the company to the SIC during the meeting. The final task for the SIC is to look over the roster and make any necessary corrections. Some of this can begin immediately while other changes will require agreements in principle between the company and the union Negotiating Committee. It should be stressed that any of these changes or corrections will not be valid without a fully-ratified agreement voted on by the membership.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Negotiations Update

The negotiating committee began year 2013 with formal meetings the week of January 7th. These meetings started off with a day and a half of training courtesy of the National Mediation Board. This Board required training for the expedited facilitated problem solving,  or FPS,  process placed the company and the union in the same room listening to course instruction lead by senior mediator Pat Sims assisted by mediator Michael Kelliher. The purpose of these exercises was to get negotiators familiar with facilitated problem solving. Training was well received by both parties and all participants including upper management and union leaders took part. 
The first step towards beginning the process is for the parties to come to an agreement of guidelines. This Protocol Agreement was completed by the parties just prior to the start of negotiations. The full protocol agreement can be found by visiting and tabbing to the Airline Division section.

According to the agreement, these talks will be divided into two phases. The first phase is the reconciliation phase and will be the process of taking the differences in the contract books for the three companies and amalgamating them in to one. It is this first phase that will consume the majority of our initial meeting time with the company. To accomplish this phase, we have divided into small groups of negotiators and Business agents who are tasked with certain articles. These small groups meet with similar company groups and the two parties run down the entire article. In many cases the language is taken as is and agreements can be made immediately. Combining three contracts, however, will obviously bring about some points of disagreement.  

The points that are not immediately agreed to are worked out using the process taught through the training earlier in the week with the goal of resolving the differences. Each of these sub-committee meetings have been presided over by members of the Board to help move the process along. The specific articles discussed this week were Articles 2, 8, 9, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and the Savings Clause. 

In phase two of the negotiations the parties will discuss new work rules as well as the entire economic package. 

The progress that was made in these last few days ordinarily may have taken months and we look forward to continuing the sessions next week.  One Teamster resource that should not go unnoticed is the legal department. Our IBT legal representative, Ed Gleason, has been personally on hand and available during the entire process to help us when needed. The entire negotiating team has progressed with the help of his expertise and dedication.

Agreements in principle of non economic issues were reached on Definitions, Holidays, Vacations, Grievance Procedure, Arbitration, General and Miscellaneous, Apprentice Mechanics and Transportation. Negotiations are scheduled to resume next week in Chicago followed by the week of the 21st. The week of the 28th will be used for internal committee work. For the entire month of February the parties are scheduled to meet every week in Chicago. 

The negotiations update and protocol agreement have been posted on the Division page and the UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update page:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mechanics Dispatch 1-6-13

Negotiations Begin This Week

The negotiation committee will be in Chicago the week of January 7th to begin the
required training provided by senior mediator Pat Sims and mediator Michael Kelliher.
We will be employing a new process created by the National Mediation Board in 2010
called Expedited Mediation. This process uses the Interest Based Bargaining model
rather than the more traditional Collective Bargaining method that has been the norm for
most of our past agreements. The goal is to assist in shortening the time normally taken
to negotiate contracts under the RLA as has been written about in past issues of the
Immediately following the training Wednesday January 9th the process will begin to
create a new amalgamated contract for the Mechanics and Related at United Airlines.
The rank and file steering, seniority integration, benefits, and negotiating committees
have worked hard to prepare for these upcoming negotiations. A final report of advisory
recommendations from the seniority integration and benefits committees will be
provided to the negotiating committee shortly in order for the negotiating committee to
develop proposals to the company.
This negotiating process is different from previous contracts in a couple of ways. First
language is not passed back and forth, rather concepts are discussed and when
agreement is reached on a concept language will be drafted to capture the intent of the
parties. Second the negotiating committee will be broken down into several sub
committees that will each have areas of responsibility to discuss with the company. For
instance the committee dealing with the Seniority article will most likely also discuss
Classifications, Vacancies, RIF and Recall and the Consent Decree. And lastly because
of this structure a detailed written opening proposal will not be provided to the company.
Negotiation updates will be provided at the end of each session of bargaining so please
look for them in the Dispatch on your local bulletin boards and on the Division and Local
Renew Your License
As stated in a previous Dispatch paper A&P certificates will no longer be valid after
March 31st 2013. If you do not change your paper license to the new credit card type by
this date, you will have to make your license active again by taking the written and
practical at an approved FAA training center. If you don’t want to try to study and retake
these exams it is advisable that you renew your certificate now.
We have begun our new season with the Teamster Aviation Mechanics Coalition. The
TAMC is a non partisan group formed to address the needs of all mechanics in the
aviation field. With over 18,000 aviation mechanic members, The Teamsters have
dedicated resources and funding to our cause. Our goal is to take a stand and create a
collective voice to government processes that affect our industry, careers, and
livelihood. Examples of the types of issues we get involved in are foreign outsourcing,
and new government policies regarding aviation maintenance. While many of our
subjects deal with aircraft maintenance, the issues of GSE and facility maintenance are
an equal concern.
Participation with the TAMC is open to all and only works with member involvement. If
you would like to become a more active part in the TAMC please see or contact your
Local Business Agent or Local TAMC representative. If you would like to follow the
progress of the TAMC and sign up for the Newsletter, visit and tab to the
Airline Division page. Once there, the link to sign up for the TAMC Newsletter can be
found on the right hand side of the page in the “About the Division” information box.
Personal Choice of Physician Form
Please take a moment to ensure your physician is on file with United medical for those
covered by the sUA agreement. Thanks to IAD Steward Larry Bailey for the following links
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